Light's Retention Scale

Light's Rentention Scale | Grade Retention

Light’s Retention Scale 5th-Edition (LRS-5) provides research-based, dependable guidance so that teachers, parents, and administrators can work together to justify making the difficult decision about whether to retain or promote a child.

It provides an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of grade retention for a given child because it is based upon the needs of the child in that specific setting.

There are good reasons why Lightʼs Retention Scale is used in thousands of schools around the country. It can be completed quickly, is simple to interpret, and offers all the information needed for those involved in making a critical decision to feel confident that they have done the right thing for their student.

  • Show parents that the decision is based on best practices and research.
  • Provide legal justification for retention or promotion.
  • Demonstrate that your school staff follow the highest standards.
  • Have comprehensive information for counseling students and parents.