Light's Rentention Scale | Grade Retention Scale

Light's Retention Scale

A research-based tool that lets you and your staff make informed decisions.

More than One Million students have been helped with LRS

Light's Retention Scale (LRS)
Principal’s Guide To Grade Retention and Promotion

Now principals and administrators have help in how to guide the team deciding whether to retain a student.

Included with the LRS kit and also sold separately, The Principal’s Guide to Grade Retention and Promotion helps guide all the parties involved to make an informed decision that is in the best interest of the student.

  • A Brief Review of the Literature
  • The Principal’s Role in Retention and Promotion
  • Preventing Retention
  • Alternatives to Retention
  • Successful Retention Practices
  • Screening Checklist to identify at-risk students
  • Best Practices Checklist to evaluate student success in the retention year
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