Light's Rentention Scale | Grade Retention Scale

Light's Retention Scale

A research-based tool that lets you and your staff make informed decisions.

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20 Questions:
Do you and your staff know the answers?

The answers to these questions are found in the LRS.

01Preschool Attendance:

Should a student who went to preschool be promoted or retained?

02Current Grade Placement:

In what grades is retention most appropriate?

03Studentʼs Age:

Are there any concerns about retaining a student who is older than most classmates?

04Physical Size:

Is a student who is smaller than classmates a good candidate for retention?

05Academic History and Progress:

Should students be retained more than once?

06English Language Acquisition:

When are limited English language skills a good reason for grade retention?


When siblings are close in age, does retention pose a risk to family stability?

08Student Mobility:

Do students who fall behind due to frequent family moves benefit from retention?

09School Attendance:

What about students who miss so much class work? Will they benefit from retention?

10Immature Behavior:

Should you promote students who are immature, but performing academically as well as their classmates?

11Parents’ Participation in School Activities:

Does grade retention affect parents’ school participation?

12Student’s Attitude About Possible Retention:

Is it best to promote a student who is uncomfortable with the idea of retention?

13Academic Motivation:

Will retention increase a disinterested student’s hostility and chance of truancy?

14Emotional Disturbance:

Will retention assist or harm a student who has serious emotional difficulties?

15History of Conduct Problems and/or Defiance:

Should students with oppositional or aggressive behaviors be retained?

16History of Learning Disabilities:

Why should students with learning disabilities usually be promoted even if they have a history of academic failure?

17Ability to Focus and Concentrate:

When is retention appropriate for students with ADHD?

18Estimate of Intellectual Skills:

Are students with above average intelligence good candidates for retention?

19Present Level of Academic Achievement:

Can a student who is performing several years below grade level catch up when retained?

20Do you know the answers to these questions?

If not, you need Light’s Retention Scales to aid you in your retention decision.

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