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Light's Retention Scale

A research-based tool that lets you and your staff make informed decisions.

More than One Million students have been helped with LRS

Light's Retention Scale (LRS)

Lightʼs Retention Scale (LRS) is an objective standard that takes the guesswork out of difficult grade retention decisions.

The LRS Manual provides a thorough, readable discussion of the 20 retention factors. This discussion is based on a comprehensive review of grade retention. The manual includes instructions for using the LRS Scale and provides a model for setting district-wide retention policy.

The LRS Scale is a easy-to-use recording form designed to be completed during a parent-teacher conference and outlines each of the 20 factors that are rated on a 1-to-5 scale. The Scale takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and the total score suggests whether or not grade retention might be more helpful or harmful to the child.

The LRS Parent Guide explains the basis for your decision. It provides a concise statement of the important factors and reassures parents that your decision is based on thoughful, professional findings. The Parent Guide is to be given to parents for later review. Also available in Spanish.

Also includes: The Principal's Guide to Grade Retention and Promotion
Now principals and administrators have help in how to guide the team deciding whether to retain a student. Includes: preventing the need to retain, alternatives to retention, Screening Checklist to identify at-risk students, and Best Practices Checklist to evaluate student success in the retention year.

LRS Complete Kit

Light's Retention Scale Complete Kit

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